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DCA in the News: Part 1

As requested by countless people through emails and phone calls, DCA Cancer will take a look at the various reports given through the news and reputable doctors regarding the benefits of DCA as a treatment against cancer.  Due to the massive amount of press DCA has received in the last decade, we couldn’t fit everything into one article so this is Part 1 of DCA in the News.

As shown on the homepage of, we give you a video from CTV News where host Llyod Robertson discusses DCA’s use for treating cancer and how it “may not fit into the business plans of big pharmaceutical companies.”  Interviewed in this video is Dr. Michelakis who is credited for finding the link between DCA and cancer.

A few things should be pointed out in the video.   At the beginning of the video CTV News prominently display a jar of dichloroacetic acid (a liquid), which is NOT sodium dichloroacetate (DCA).  The researchers did not use dichloraoacetate acid as it is dangerously corrosive and not the same thing as the acetate.  This is one of the biggest myths about DCA, and one of the reasons why so many doctors refuse to accept DCA as a real treatment option.

What is the difference between Dichloroacetic acid and the Dichloroacetate?  Dichloroacetic acid is a small molecule that is basically made up of acetic acid with two chlorines and is highly corrosive, so much so that it will burn or irritate your skin within a few minutes of contact.  Dichloroacetate is the sodium salt of dichloroacetic acid and is non-corrosive.

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