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Cancer-Proof Foods

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There are plenty of good and bad foods out there but what foods exceed the “good for you” and actually help to lower your risk of cancers?

It goes without saying that fast foods are bad foods, even the “lighter menu” items can’t compare with good old fashioned home cooking.  That being said, there are healthy choices at home as well.  Take sandwiches for example, cheap lunch meats tend to contain low quality meat with various chemicals, hormones and high sodium.  Even your mayonnaise can be a little scary, especially considering that the top ingredients are egg yolks, sugar and salt.

Oh if your sandwich could talk!   While there are countless varieties to mayonnaise, from vegan to olive or canola oil, there are healthier ways to add a little zip to your sandwich.  We don’t mean to pick on your mayo however as an alternative, try some of these healthier choices for your sandwiches..

Avocado Spreads

In a 2007 study, avocado consumption has been linked to a decrease risk of oral cancers.  In addition to reducing your cancer risks, avocado is extremely good for you and reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome.  You can mash some avocado in a bowl and add a little of your favorite spices, garlic and/or onion.. or just go all avo and eat it straight out of the shell.

Edamame Hummus Spread

While soy has been getting a lot of bad press in the past few years, edamame is chock-full of healthy benefits that may outweigh it’s bad reputation.  Soy has been linked to a decrease in blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and possible reduced risk of some types of breast cancer.  Two studies (in 2009 and 2010) found that soy may actually lower the recurrence of breast cancer.


There are countless varieties of mustard out there, from spicy to the cheap yellow kind.  What’s so good about mustard?  The main active ingredient is curcumin, which has been linked to improving liver health and decreasing the risk of certain cancers.

A sandwich doesn’t have to be boring, try one of the above recommendations (or be a rebel and try all three).

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