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Alarming Prostate Cancer Rates in Young Adults


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Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, second to lung cancer.  Approximately 1 in 36 men will die of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is striking teenagers at an alarming speed, according to an astonishing new study conducted by the University of Michigan.

The research, that was released in the journal Nature Reviews Urology, found that over the previous two decades, the amount of prostate cancer diagnoses in younger guys has increased six-fold and 10 per cent of new cases are diagnosed in those under age 55. Actually more frightening: In this early- onset form of prostate cancer, tumors increase more rapidly and distributed faster than they do in men that are elderly.

Yahoo Health couldn’t reach Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D., professor of general medicine and urology for remark, nevertheless she said in a media release, “Early start prostate cancer is often competitive, striking down men in the prime of their existence. These fast-growing tumors in teenagers could be totally overlooked by testing since the time-frame is short until they begin to show medical symptoms.”

The analysis implies that is a key biological variation between -onset and late-on set prostate malignancies. Investigators also believe the more aggressive early- onset cancer may be a new clinical sub-type which should be addressed differently than its counterpart that is more frequent.

Even though it’s unclear how men can take actions to protect themselves against early-onset prostate cancer, Cooney said, This sub-type require more specialization knowledge and is more competitive, including sequencing. She found men diagnosed in a subsequent age that guys with early start cases had genetic variants.

Prostate Cancer Statistics in the U.S.

According to the American Cancer Society, the 2014 estimated prostate cancer statistics for the United States are approximately 233,000 new cases being diagnosed and approximately 29,480 men will die from prostate cancer.

These statistics indicated that approximately 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, occurring primarily in older men with 6 out of 10 cases being in men aged 65 or older.  They suggest that a prostate cancer diagnosis in men under the age of 40 as rare.

Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

The good news, according to the American Cancer Society is that while Prostate Cancer is a serious disease, most men who are diagnosed with it will not die from it.  Statistics indicate that more than 2.5 million men in the United States have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and are still alive.

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