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Cancer Breakthrough Using Sodium Dichloroacetate Video

Video Title: Cancer Breakthrough Using Sodium Dichloroacetate / NaDCA / DCA
Video Duration: 3:19 minutes
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“These kind of results, in my mind, are as good as it gets.” Dr. Michelakis
CTV News, a Canadian news station explores how DCA has been rediscovered as an old drug with a new purpose.  News host Lloyd Roberts and Avis Favraro investigate..

In this video Dr. Evangelos Michelakis from the University of Alberta discusses an exciting discovery regarding DCA, or Sodium Dichloroacetate.  A drug that has been previously used for decades for patients with rare inherited disease now has the potential to offer cancer patients new hope.

“.. and it seems to work by reviving the energy producing components of human cells, allowing the cells to work normally again, triggering cancer cells to commit suicide”

Rats that were given human cancers (brain, breast and lung tumors) saw a 70% tumor mass decrease in just two weeks, and the drug had no side-effects.

“This is exactly what we want, the drug that has activity but also has minimal side-effects for patients.” Dr. Dario Altieri, University of Massachusetts

Treatments were easily administered by adding DCA to drinking water (no injections or intravenous).  Further studies have been conducted after this news story was released, and thousands of humans and pets have taken DCA over the past decade  with great success.  Testimonials of actual DCA users can be found here:

DCA is not a prescription medication and can be taken by anyone.

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