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Breast Cancer Testimonials

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Testimonial page.  This is a small collection of the testimonials we have received directly from the customer (or through our sister company).

Please note that names and some personal information has been removed for the privacy of the customer.  Also note the number of testimonials does not necessarily reflect the effectiveness of DCA on this type of cancer.

If you wish to have your good news or success story added, please Contact Us.

Breast Cancer Testimonials

1. Breast and Lung Cancers

Good Morning 
I finished my 6-course chemo for treating my breast and lung cuncer. All the time I was taking DCA, my oncologist did not know about it. The latest check up (CAT scann, RX, ultrasound) from the middle of Oct 2013 showed significant decreasing the tumor size, from 3.1 mm to 1.8 mm (approx , in all three dimensions), and my colpased left lung was expanded to the almost full size. Doctor said it is almost unbelieveble to have such results after taking the chemo…

I deeply believe that DCA helped me so much.  I have next check up on the end of Dec 2013.  Now I take only DCA and some other supplements for immunity support (coriolus vesicolour mushroom, chaga mushroom, alpha lipoic acid, melatonin, Vit D, seal oil, krill oil, shark certilage, turmeric, nigella sativa (black cumin) seed oil, aronia juice).

I eat alkaline and ketogenic diet, no meat only white fish 1-2 times per week…
I would appreciate any comment from you…
Thank you,
FYI: as I informed you, my latest CAT scan check up in mid of October 2013, showed tremendous decreasing my breast lump and some lung spots disappeared, some are very decreased in their size.

2. Breast Cancer (Tue, April 9, 2013 7:16 am)

Good afternoon,
Almost exactly a month ago I ordered the 60 day DCA after learning of breast cancer. Week four of the DCA and week two of a super low carb ketogentic diet to turn off the glucose (for a short while), my tumor is notably smaller and I have every expectation for its disappearance in the comings days.

My question has to do with the DCIS that was diagnosed as cancer (precancer, as it is non invasive) in another area of the same breast. I assume that if the DCA is shrinking the tumor it is going after everything. I am having an ultra sound on the 19th of this month to confirm tumor shrinkage for the surgeon (and my mother!) and am trying to avoid another mammogram as I have already had two in the last month. I am trying to avoid radiation. I don’t know what your experience is or how extensive the background of those who represent the DCA product. this is medical and may go beyond you expertise.
If you have any insights, please advise.
Yours truly and truly happy, JI

3. Metastatic Breast Cancer (Thursday March 13, 2014) “Good partial remission”

I’ve been taking DCA for almost a year as adjunct therapy along with low dose targeted chemo.
I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and am now considered to be in a good partial remission.


4. Breast Cancer (August 27, 2014 7:50 PM)

To: org, DCACancer.
Subject: Re:  breast cancer

Kevin, I have an update! My wife decided to keep taking the DCA and will not tell her doctors she told me today after her first treatment at the radiologist. She felt a little pain from the treatment but now feels good this is going to work. I’m happy right now and feel good also for her. She feels the tumors are shrinking and the one under her arm has shrunk 50%! in size, it was the size of a large walnut now it’s a grape! Thanks for your input and knowledge. God bless, R