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60 Day DCA Cancer Treatment Kit


180 DCA Capsules (333 mg each)
90 Thiamine B1 Capsules (375 mg each)
Great Value Saver, only $5 per day!



This is by far our most popular product sold as it avoids the messy and annoying steps required to measure DCA powder.

The DCA Cancer Treatment Kit provides you with

  • 180 DCA capsules containing 333 mg of pure DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) powder in a vegetarian capsule.
  • 90 Thiamine B1 Supplement capsules containing 375 mg of pure Thiamine Vitamin B1 in a vegetarian capsule.

We will gladly assist you in calculating a personal dosage for you or your loved one based on the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, and the weight of the person taking the DCA.  This information will be emailed to you after the order has been received by us.

Why Do You Recommend Thiamine?

Much like other cancer treatment products, DCA consumes some of body’s supply of Thiamine.  Supplementing your treatment with a Thiamine B1 product will help to prevent any risk of a thiamine deficiency from beginning.  This is particularly important especially if you are taking other treatment products in addition to DCA (such as chemotherapy, etc.).

Additional information

Weight 227 g