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Does DCA have any side effects?

The side effects of DCA are much milder than most standard chemotherapy agents prescribed to cancer patients.

DCA in high dosages can cause serious side-effects, however at the correct dosage amount side effects are few and rare.  The most commonly reported side effect of using DCA is reversible damage to peripheral nerves (tingling of the extremities).

What does “reversible damage to peripheral nerves? mean?

Symptoms of peripheral nerve damage may include trembling or tingling of fingers and toes, which is called Neuropathy.  Doctors stress that this is temporary and is reversible.  Damage to the nerves in the hands and feet usually takes several weeks to develop and can be reversed when detected early.  In order to prevent or avoid peripheral neuropathy entirely, a dietary supplement of Thiamine B1 can be taken.  Thiamine can be purchased from the DCA Store.

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