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Here is where you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about buying DCA and using DCA.

DCA (sodium dichloroacetate) Questions

DCA Questions

What is Sodium Dichloroacetate?

Sodium Dichloroacetate, also known as DCA or NaDCA, is a simple molecule that is used as an effective tool to fight various forms of cancers.  Recent research has reported tumor mass and size reduction by 70% in just three weeks.  For more information on DCA, read DCA Information.

Where can I buy DCA?

DCA, as well as other products, are available at the DCA Store.

Can DCA be taken if you’re pregnant?


While no official tests or studies have been conducted, the serious potential for birth defects is present and should be avoided.

How Long Do I Have To Take DCA?

The length of time people take DCA varies depending on many factors, for example; the type of cancer, the stage the cancer is in, how aggressive the cancer is, etc.  Due to these varying factors, it is not possible to estimate the length of treatment.

Once the cancer is completely gone and you are in remission, you may wish to consider a maintenance dose of 2-3 mg of DCA per kg of body weight (or 1 DCA capsule) per day.  This is especially important if you believe you are at risk of the cancer returning.

Calculating Dosage

How much DCA do I use?

Calculating the correct DCA dosage is very important and critical to a successful cancer treatment.  A calculation chart is available on the DCA Dosages page.

How Do I Use The Scale To Measure DCA?

DCA should be measured by weight, never by volume.  Our scales a very sensitive and measure DCA to 0.01 grams.

You can buy our digital scales here:  DCA Store

Here is a video demonstrating how to measure DCA: Measuring DCA With A Scale

How Much Thiamine B1 Should I Take?

It is recommended that you take 750mg of Thiamine B1 Supplement per day (two Thiamine B1 capsules).

Side Effects

Does DCA have any side effects?

The side effects of DCA are much milder than most standard chemotherapy agents prescribed to cancer patients.

DCA in high dosages can cause serious side-effects, however at the correct dosage amount side effects are few and rare.  The most commonly reported side effect of using DCA is reversible damage to peripheral nerves (tingling of the extremities).

What does “reversible damage to peripheral nerves? mean?

Symptoms of peripheral nerve damage may include trembling or tingling of fingers and toes, which is called Neuropathy.  Doctors stress that this is temporary and is reversible.  Damage to the nerves in the hands and feet usually takes several weeks to develop and can be reversed when detected early.  In order to prevent or avoid peripheral neuropathy entirely, a dietary supplement of Thiamine B1 can be taken.  Thiamine can be purchased from the DCA Store.

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated when viewing your orders or checking out.  Within the United States, First Class Shipping delivers in 4-8 days.  Internationally, 7-10 days depending on your location.

There are two faster shipping options available for an additional cost.

Where Is My Order?

Depending on your location, there are rare occasions in which the estimated date of delivery is exceeded.  Unfortunately once we hand your package over for delivery, it’s out of our hands and out of our control.  We make every effort to achieve your expectations but there are times in which that is impossible and for this we are greatly sorry.

US Domestic Orders

If your order has been missing for 7 or more days, please contact us and we will attempt to locate your order.

International Orders

The amount of time we estimate for your order to be received is an average given to us by the United States Postal Service.  Unfortunately we do not have any control over how long your country’s customs office takes to process your package and hand it over to your local postal service.  We also can not offer refunds on your shipping charges as we can not get refunds on what we pay if it misses estimated delivery times.

Can you ship to my country?

We will ship to ANY country in the world.

Can my order be shipped overnight or next day?

Yes.  We offer courier service as an additional service, available when Checking Out.

US Addresses
US Courier service is available for $50. If the order is received before 2pm (EST) your package is usually received before 12 noon the next day otherwise it will be before 3pm the next day.

Non-US Addresses
International Courier Service is available for $90 to Non-US addresses. This service usually takes 2-5 days depending on where you are located, the time the order was received, and how much time your countries Customs Office takes to clear the package.  Unfortunately we can not guarantee exact delivery times for international orders.  The 2-5 days for delivery is an average that was provided by the United States Postal Service based on their experiences.

Please provide us with your phone number as ALL courier services require this.

Also note that delivery times are estimated and can not be guaranteed.  We hit our delivery goals over 95% of the time however if you live outside a major area, they are occasional delays that are outside of our control.

I don’t live in North America, can I still get courier service?

Yes you can!  We offer Courier/Express service to countries outside the United States however we can not offer overnight courier service because of distance, international customs clearance, and foreign postal services.  We can get your package to your countries Customs quickly but have no control over how long they take to clear it.  International Courier Service usually takes around 3-7 days.  Should your order get delayed, we will do everything we can to assist in getting it through the process however delays are often out of our control.

What do you get if you pay for International Courier Service?

  • Your order will be processed and shipped immediately upon receiving payment.
  • You will receive a tracking number for your package.

Please remember to provide your phone number with your order as International Courier Services requires it.

International Courier Service is $90 and is available when Checking Out.

What service is used for shipping?

We only ship USPS unless a FedEx or UPS account is provided.

All packages are sent via USPS First Class Service unless additional shipping options are purchased.  For an additional cost, you can have the package shipped Priority ($20 extra for US addresses, $40 for non-US addresses) or Courier ($50 extra for US addresses, $90 extra for non-US addresses).

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment except on Sundays and holidays.  If your payment is received before 2pm (EST), your order will be shipped the same day it was received.

If you paid for Priority Shipping or Express/Courier Service, your order will be processed and taken directly to the post office upon receiving payment.

When will my order be received?

Delivery times depends on the delivery service you have chosen.

United States orders generally arrive within 3-5 via USPS First Class Service.  For an additional cost, your package will arrive faster via Priority Mail Service which usually arrives within 2-3 days, or Express/Courier service which is a next day service (guaranteed before 12pm or 3pm).

For Non-US orders, times may vary but generally take between 6-9 days for First Class Service.  Please note that once we hand your package over to USPS we have no control over how long the package may take to arrive.  Delays in delivery or at your countries customs offices are beyond our control.  Every effort is made to ensure a speedy delivery and customs clearance.

Delivery options and costs are calculated in View Order or when you are Checking Out.