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DCA Cancer Dosages

What Doseage Should Be Used?

The recommended daily dose is determined on the basis of body weight in kilograms.  Please feel free to Contact Us for your dosage calculation, we are more than happy to assist you in whatever way possible.  Please include what type of cancer you have and your weight.

Currently the safest dosage should be between 10-20mg per kilogram per day (20mg/kg/day), with the exception of brain cancer which has a maximum dosage of 12mg per kilogram per day (12mg/kg/day).  Daily dosage of DCA can be divided into several smaller doses throughout each day.  DCA dosage may be higher in younger patients because of the fact that DCA is better metabolized by younger organism.

Brain Cancer Patients Be Careful

As mentioned below, large doses of DCA taken with caffeine may cause serious reactions.  This protocol may be behind all reported serious side-effects from patients with glioblastoma multiforme.  Some studies have shown that a low dose of DCA (12 mg/kg) in combination with caffeine (coffee) caused an undesirable response, which may lead to life-threatening attacks.  In these cases, the following symptoms were reported; feeling of burning, disorientation, nausea and headaches.

Here is a list of standard dosage calculations to assist you:

Body Weight
in Pounds
Body Weight
in Kilograms
90 lbs
41 kg
410 mg
492 mg
820 mg
100 lbs
45 kg
450 mg
540 mg
900 mg
110 lbs
50 kg
500 mg
600 mg
1000 mg
120 lbs
54 kg
540 mg
648 mg
1080 mg
130 lbs
59 kg
590 mg
708 mg
1180 mg
140 lbs
64 kg
640 mg
768 mg
1280 mg
150 lbs
68 kg
680 mg
816 mg
1360 mg
160 lbs
73 kg
730 mg
876 mg
1460 mg
170 lbs
77 kg
770 mg
924 mg
1540 mg
180 lbs
82 kg
820 mg
984 mg
1640 mg
190 lbs
86 kg
860 mg
1032 mg
1720 mg
200 lbs
91 kg
910 mg
1092 mg
1820 mg
210 lbs
95 kg
950 mg
1140 mg
1900 mg
220 lbs
100 kg
1000 mg
1200 mg
2000 mg
230 lbs
104 kg
1040 mg
1248 mg
2080 mg
240 lbs
109 kg
1090 mg
1308 mg
2180 mg
250 lbs
113 kg
1130 mg
1356 mg
2260 mg
260 lbs
118 kg
1180 mg
1416 mg
2360 mg
270 lbs
122 kg
1220 mg
1464 mg
2440 mg

Is Caffeine Needed?

No, in fact it’s recommended that you avoid all sources of caffeine if possible, especially if the patient has cancer that affects the brain.  Previous theories on caffeine use during DCA treatments presumed that it would allow lower DCA dosages, which is correct, however there is no accurate way to estimate how much the effectiveness of the DCA will be increased (especially when combined with high caffeine products).